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Human Rights – we protect them, they protect us


Aakar Patel wegen eines Tweets für das Recht auf Protest angezeigt

Am 2. Juni 2020 registrierte die Polizei von Bengaluru einen First Information Report (FIR) gegen Aakar Patel, den ehemaligen Leiter von Amnesty International India. Der Grund war ein Twitter-Beitrag, mit dem er die Menschen aufforderte, friedlich für ihre Rechte zu demonstrieren. Zum Statement von Amnesty International India: Aakar Patel Booked For Tweeting In Favour Of Weiterlesen

Injustice in The Courts: Four Indian Laws That Should Have Never Existed

The criminal justice system loses credibility when people are detained for no good reason. In India, this happens frequently under many laws, where journalists, human rights defenders, lawyers and students are arrested just for being critical of the government. There are many laws in India that are problematic and need to be repealed immediately. Here Weiterlesen

Statement from academics and activists from UK on crackdown on dissent

We condemn the brutal crackdown on dissent and protest which has accompanied India’s Covid-19 lockdown. The Modi government has launched a witch-hunt of students and activists and is charging them under the draconian Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA). Among those charged are Umar Khalid, former JNU student leader, and Meeran Haider and Safoora Zargar of the Jamia Coordinating Committee (JCC) linked to Jamia Weiterlesen

Urgent Action: Anti-CAA-Protestierende in Haft

Meeran Haider, Shifa-Ur-Rehman und die im dritten Monat schwangere Safoora Zargar wurden festgenommen, weil sie friedlich gegen das Staatsbürgerschaftsgesetz (Citizenship Amendment Act – CAA) demonstriert hatten. Zur Aktionsanleitung   Weiterlesen

Domestic Violence: What You Can Do To Help

Currently, with a nation-wide lockdown in India, many women are locked in with their abusers with nowhere to go. As per the National Commission for Women and news reports, there has been a distinct increase in cases of domestic violence due to the lockdown. Bystander Action for Domestic Violence: What You Can Do To Help Weiterlesen