Folter (Torture)

Amnesty Reports, Statements

Manual for Action: Combating torture and other ill-treatment: a manual for action (Nov 2016)
Salil Shetty: Thirty Years of Broken Promises (Mai 2014)
India must deliver on its repeated commitments to the Human Rights Council (Juni 2012)
Briefing on the Prevention of Torture Bill (Okt. 2010)
Break the cycle of impunity and torture in Punjab (Jan. 2003)
Time to act to stop torture and impunity in West Bengal (Aug. 2001)
Words into action. Recommendations for the prevention of torture (Jan. 2001)
Torture and deaths in custody in Jammu and Kashmir (Jan. 1995)
India: Torture, rape and deaths in custody (März 1992)


External reports and media

Why Police Brutality and Torture Are Endemic in India (The Wire, 13. 12. 2021)

No judicial inquiry in 71% cases of deaths in police custody, NHRC urged to recall its order diluting mandatory judicial inquiries into custodial deaths (National Campaign against Torture, Okt 2020)

Racism in India (National Campaign against Torture, August 2020)

Law Commission of India: Implementation of United Nations Convention against Torture (Oktober 2017)
Law Commission zum Anti-Folter-Gesetz: Law panel wants government to ratify UN treaty, frame law against torture (The New Indian Express, 29. 10. 2017)
How India ‘normalises’ violence (”Asian Age”, 14. 09. 2017)
Supreme Court seeks NHRC’s reply on anti-custodial torture law (”Times of India”, 10. 01. 2017)
In Haft verstorben. Polizeigewalt in Indien (”Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, 19. 12. 2016)
Two dalit youths allege torture in police custody for 5 days in Kollam (”Deccan Chronicle”, 23. 10. 2016)
India’s disturbing Oscar entry takes on police torture (”BBC”, 28. 09. 2016)
HRW Report: “Bound by Brotherhood”. India’s Failure to End Killings in Police Custody (Dez. 2016)
Neuer Gesetzentwurf: Amended draft of anti-torture Bill ready: Govt. (”The Hindu”, 11. 05. 2016)
Amnesty-Preis für Film über Folter in Indien: Tales of the marginalized took this auto driver to Venice red carpet (”Times of India”, 24. 09. 2015)
Seit 25 Jahren kein Termin für UN-Sonderberichterstatter über Folter: Not averse to visits by UN Special Rapporteurs: India (”Economic Times”, 12. 03. 2015)
Polizisten foltern Verdächtige (ARD Weltspiegel, 19. 10. 2014)
Human rights: Terror through torture (”India Today”, 14. 08. 2014)
Erst gequält, dann ausgestoßen (”Berliner Zeitung”, 03. 02. 2009)

Report: Torture in India 2010 (Asian Centre for Human Rights, April 2011)
Report: Torture in India 2010 (Asian Centre for Human Rights, April 2010)
Report: Torture in India 2009 (Asian Centre for Human Rights, April 2009)

Video (People’s Watch, Aug. 2017): India Must Ratify UN Convention Against Torture Now
The Indian Government denied torture on May 4, 2017 at the United Nations Human Rights Council. We demand that they ratify the UN Convention Against Torture and Enact A Domestic Law to prevent torture. Join us and ask the Indian Government to #EndTorture Concept By Jayshree Bajoria, Human Rights Watch Video Edited By Alina Tiphagne, People’s Watch

Tribunal gegen die Folter, Video: Godless Justice, 2008. Sunita Thakur. Unterstützt durch die Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung (46 min)
Auszug (7 Min): Godless Justice
Artikel: Victim of the system (”Frontline”, 22. Nov 2008)
Der aus dem Tribunal hervorgegangene Bericht wurde dem indischen Innenministerium und der Nationalen Menschenrechtskommission vorgelegt: Torture and Impunity in India, Madurai: People’s Watch, Nov 2008
Bericht über das Tribunal: State terrorism: torture, Extra-judicial killings and forced disappearances in India (Januar 2009)

Link: Themenkoordinationsgruppe gegen Folter

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