Human Rights Defenders (HRD)



Why is India cracking down on human rights groups? (Deutsche Welle, 01. 10. 2021)

India: Amnesty accuses police of human rights abuses at February riots (Deutsche Welle, 28. 08. 2021)

Front Line Defenders condemns repression of human rights defenders in India (Sabrang, 27. 01. 2020)

Remembering Asma Jahangir : A Legacy to Cherish (Countercurrents, 01. 08. 2019)
Human rights defenders Aloka Kujur, Stan Swamy, Vinod Kumar and Rakesh Roshan Kiro face imminent risk of arrest (Frontlinedefenders, 30. 07. 2019)
CBI raids on Lawyers Collective undermine the proceedings before the High Court of Bombay and National Human Rights Commission (Human Rights Defenders Alert – India, 11. 07. 2019)
India: Rights Groups Harassed Over Foreign Funding (Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, 26. 06. 2019)
GN Saibaba’s latest letter from prison: “Please come as a team to meet me at the earliest” (Groundxero, 12. 06. 2019)
India: New acts of harassment against Ms. Indira Jaising, Mr. Anand Grover and the Lawyers Collective (World Organisation Against Torture – OMCT, Mai 2019)
India: Harassment against Ms. Indira Jaising, Mr. Anand Grover and Lawyers Collective NGO (World Movement for Human Rights – fidh, Mai, 2019)
India: UN experts call for release of human rights defender Saibaba (OHCHR, April 2019)
India: Death of one Human Rights Defender Mr. Dani Batra and injuring about 30 other protestors in Lanjigar  (Asian Human Rights Defenders, April 2019)
International Community Urges Indian Government To Stop Crushing Human Rights Work In India (Amnesty India, März 2019)
Assault on NGOs is Emblematic of Global Crisis Curbing Human Rights Work (Amnesty India, Feb 2019)

India: Human rights will win, asserts civil society (Amnesty India, Dez 2018)
Amnesty in Indien im Visier der Regierung (Amnesty International, Nov 2018)
5 More Rights Activists Detained (Amnesty International, Aug 2018)

Indische Regierung benutzt das Gesetz zur Auslandsfinanzierung von NGOs als Mittel der Vergeltung  (Amnesty International, Feb 2017)

Foreign Funding Law in India Used to Harass 25 Groups (Amnesty International, Nov 2016)


31. Januar 2021