CBI durchsucht Büros von Amnesty International India

Das Central Bureau of Investigation hat heute die Büros von Amnesty International India in Bengaluru durchsucht. Dazu hat Amnesty India dieses Statement abgegeben:

Amnesty International India
Bangalore / New Delhi: 15 November 2019 6:56 pm

The Central Bureau of Investigation today conducted searches at the offices of Amnesty International India Private Limited and Indians for Amnesty International Trust in Bengaluru.

Over the past year, a pattern of harassment has emerged every time Amnesty International India stands up and speaks out against human rights violations in India.

Amnesty International India stands in full compliance with Indian and international law. Our work in India, as elsewhere, is to uphold and fight for universal human rights. These are the same values that are enshrined in the Indian Constitution and flow from a long and rich Indian tradition of pluralism, tolerance, and dissent.

As part of the Nobel Prize-winning movement, Amnesty International India holds itself to the highest evidentiary standards. Over four million Indians have supported Amnesty International India’s work in the last six years and around 100,000 Indians have made financial contributions. Our work in India, as elsewhere, is to uphold universal human rights and build a global movement of people who take injustice personally.

For more information please contact:

Nazia Erum
Email: nazia.erum@amnesty.org.in
Phone: 9606187741

27. Juli 2021